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Mediterranean Heterotopies #2

Mediterranean Heterotopies #2 è una instellazione sonora dedicata a ClubMed Achziv, un luogo che ha fallito nell’intento di proporsi come utopia per i visitatori di tutto il mondo. Un incontro di diverse narrazioni e percezioni, ricordi dimenticati e miti - iniziato in epoche diverse e curato in un senso spaziale. Un gesto performativo nei confronti della storia e del destino del luogo, in cui la coreografia si fa strumento di studio e ricordo.

Creazione: Eynav Rosolio
consulente: Guillermo de Cabanyes
Sound design: Itzik Avizohar, Galia Einey.
Voce e ricerca archeologica: Netanel Rinon
Safar Barlik by Hadi Zeidan

DAS - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali
COLLAGENE - proteine culturali
Maggio 2023, Bologna.

pics: Carlo sgarzi

HANDS UP!  - Mediterranean Heterotopies #1

Mediterranean Heterotopies focuses on ClubMed Achziv, a site which failed to maintain itself as a utopia for visitors from across the world. A piece of land that is repeatedly being abandoned.
Achziv (in Hebrew: I will disappoint) coastal strip lies between the Israeli northern city of Naharia, and the Lebanese border. Achziv strip contained the ruins of a Palestinian village الزيب), Az-zeeb), an abandoned ClubMed camp, a nature reserve, bathing beach open to the public, and a self-declared micronation (Akhzivland), founded in 1972 by Eli Avivi.
Evidence of human settlement at the site dates back to the 18th century BC. By the 10th century BC,
it was a prosperous and fortified Phoenician town.

This beach is part of the landscapes I could see from my window as a child, and which were of fantasies, imagination and familiarity, sometimes colored in terror and bombing. The perception of that strip was always boarded by the sea from one side, and the northern Lebanese mountains from another.
I am approaching this piece of land as a distantly related visitor, trying to capture a few moments initiated in different eras, and curate them in one spatial sense. using the stage to rethink them. bringing together different narratives and perceptions, forgotten memories and myths. Questioning the ability of a place to set free out of its own destiny.

Documentations of the unique architecture, interviews with past workers, archeology study group, visits to the sites as it stands abandoned today – are all part of the rehearsal process. making choreography about a place in order to study a place. Remembering it as a performative action.

The project's first output: “Hands Up!” was presented on Kelim Festival at Kelim choreography Center, Bat Yam, Israel (May 2022).
Performers: Noa itzhaki, Uri Duvdevani, Eynav Rosolio.
Sound design: Galia Einey.
Light Design: Baruchi Shpigelman.
Light Object: Ofer Laufer.
Special Thanks to Nethanel Rinon.

The piece was supported by Yehoshua Rabinovitch Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts, and  Kelim choreography Cente.
Pics by Tamar Lamm and David Kaplan. Archive pics by Steve Tomas.

Nature of the Beast 

As a statoscope which listen to the pulse of a certain living environment, this is a stage which is both a performance and an Image of a conciseness zone.
End of a night, end of a fire, dawn.

In this process I have gathered materials which echoes obsessively into my works but always as guests. A synthetic living environment which contain these materials, and allow the rhythm and duration to observe them – a slight gaze, obscure happening, that does not rely upon explained textual meaning. At the heart of the piece lies an invitation: to touch zero from all its angles and sides, to establish a new ground in “areas of minimum” - of body, of rustle, of expression, of image and transfiguration. Areas of little control and coherence which holds a potential for solidarity through the corporal images that rises. Moods, states of matter, positions and spontaneous dances, charged in a catching quality.

Research and context:

In our encounters with the world, there are sites in which our experience forms verbal knowledge, and therefor they are considered as valid (profession, family, sexual and political identity, etc.) In these sites we place our position by an external set of rules, which is superior to us and definite.  Our encounters with other beings are also formed by this set of rules. by it, we perceive ourselves as well as the other. under this disposition, the existence is embodied in action. According to that,
non-action is a state of absence.   

Other encounters with the world, sites of intimacy, which words fail to describe, are therefor in-valid to the absolute set of rules and are not regarded as sites of knowledge. They necessarily exist outside the languages.
In theater, lies a very intimate connection to the world. In it, one recognizes herself and the other, in a way which overcome the limits of the human verbal ability. It succeeds to be intimate because it is not obliged to the contextual sense. In this work, spectators are invited to a site that examines the tensions between action and non-action. This site allows processes of recognition, experience and internalization.
The piece is part of an ongoing research which deals with expanding the meaning of the term Passivity. As part of the research the following works has been created: Antarctica (2015) But he hesitated (2018) Nothing happend (2020).

Performers: Michal Arad, Nir Vidan and Eynav Rosolio
Light and set design: Ofer Laufer
Sound design: Niv Gafni
Object and costumes design, live making: Yasmin Steinmetz
Artistic consulting: Galit Criden and Nurit Dreamer

The piece is supported by Mifal HaPai, Yehoshua Rabinovitch Tel Aviv
Foundation for the Arts, Miklat 209 and Hazira theater. 

2.10.22 - Catalysi Festival, Teatro Comandini, Cesena.
7-8.11.22 - Autumn Cult Festival, Hazira, Jerusalm.
10.1.23 - Hazira, Jerusalem.


Pictures by Eyal Lally Bitton

לא קרה כלום I Nothing Happened

Video. 6 min.
Directing and Performing: Eynav Rosolio
Videography and editing: Nivi Lehavi

Presented on:
Hazira - עקרות בית נואשות בין יאוש למימוש
ON HOLD online exhibition
HARAMA Magazine  #30

Exit through the sideways door by LOCULUS Collective

Two Gardens

by Eynav Rosolio and Carmel Bar

Celeste Messina Agostinelli, Eleonora Bonino, Nitzan Raich
Dima Utro, Carmel Bar and Eynav Rosolio.

Sound design: Niv Gafni

Lighting design: Ofer Laufer

Costume design: Yasmin Steinmetz

The work includes video images from the piece “Neshel” by Yasmin Steinmetz.

Pictures by Amit Mann

With thanks to Fabio Ruggirello, Claudia Castellucci, Giacomo Battaglia, Dominque De Martiis, Ahmed Ben Nessib, Michal Evyatar, Yaara Rosolio.

Premiered on The Gathering Festival by HaZira.
Jerusalem 2019
The work was supported by Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts and the Italian Culture Institute.