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Trio Hey!
by Noa Itzhaki

Participants: Lilla Roma Weisselberg, Eynav Rosolio, Noa Itzhaki.
Partners for creation development: Dori Cohen Forster, Noa Halfi.

Diver Festival 22’

By Sara Siegel

Sara Siegel transports her living room onto the stage, creating a multidisciplinary show that delves into memory humor, and fantasy, together with a troupe of performers and one dog.

Created by Sara Siegel
Assistant Director: Inbal Hacker
Production: Debora Siegel, Inbal Hacker and Naomi Shalev
Technical director: Nevo Revivo
Lighting design: Doron Donin
Sound design: Itai Arad
Costume design: Tal Avraham
Scenery design: Adee Shmulewitz
Assistant scenery design: Eden Dolev
Animation: Gili Lotner
With: Sara Siegel, Naomi Shalev, Nevo Revivo, Eden Yehuda Cohen, Niv Levy, Mica Kupfer, Eynav Rosolio, Tal Avraham, Yuval Steinberg, Maya Pennington, Debora Siegel, Tamar Raanan, Ron Sheskin, Shani Kagan, Sara Gershon, Dana Zahavi, Sivan Eyal, Noga Shalit Glick, Yaheli Nissim Kobliner, Maya Schiff and Gabriela Hazon and Nora.
Artistic direction: Itay Mautner and Michal Vaknin.

An Israel Festival original production co-produced with the School of Visual Theater. Pics by Yair Meyuchas and Amit Mann

Nomadic Time Lab

Research platform for slow choreographic practices.

Nomadic Time Lab is an artistic encounter between Galit Criden (London), Eynav Rosolio (Bologna) and Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx (Brussels). Criden and Rosolio have been creating slow choreographic work, together and apart, since 2013. They met Van der Wielen-Honinckx virtually in the Summer of 2021. Since then, the three of us have cultivated a virtual, long-distance dialogue on our passion for slow spaces. This project aims at our physical encounter as three choreographers with resonating practices.

Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx (b. 1989) is a choreographer, performer and dramaturg based in Brussels.
She holds an MA in Western Literature and a research Master in Literary Theory from KULeuven, as well as a MA in Contemporary Theater, Dance and Dramaturgy from Utrecht University. In her own work as well as through collaborations as dramaturg and performer with other artists, she investigates the embodiment and experience of concepts like deep perception, presence, aesthetic boredom, slow atmosphere and resonant connection.
Her durational dance performance Creatures at rest (2021) was programmed at Dansand! Festival (Ostend), Playground Festival (Museum M, Leuven) and Museum as Performance (Serralves, Porto); and her essay ‘Space as Atmosphere: Floating in a Molecular Bath’ was published in Slow Spatial Reader:
Chronicles of Radical Affection edited by Carolyn F. Strauss (Amsterdam: Valiz, 2021).

Eynav Rosolio (b. 1989) is a visual theater director, dancer and performer based in Bologna. Graduate of Scuola Conià and Istituto di Ricerca di Arte Applicata, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Cesena, Italia (2019). Graduate of The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem (2016). Movement teacher and member of the steering committee at Yasmeen Godder company project for people with Parkinson’s disease.
Eynav is using the body as a visual tool to communicate the human state, together with objects, video and live sound. In her works, she expresses her deep interest with political aspects of nostalgia and corporal identity.
Her works were presented in Hazira – Performance Art Arena (Jerusalem), Teatro Comandini (Cesena), Neve Shechter Gallery, Maya Gallery (Tel Aviv), DAS (Bologna) and more. Took part in numerous residencies such as Kelim Center for Choreography (Bat Yam), Miklat 209 (Tel Aviv), Hazira Performance Art Arena (Jerusalem). As a performer she cooperated with Claudia Castellucci, Chiara Guidi, Guy Gutman, Galit Criden, and more.

Galit Criden (b.1986, Israel) is a choreographer and researcher based in London.
She holds a BA from Visual Theater School, and an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths University, London. Her practice examines sculptural physicality, extended duration, and aesthetic precision where the relation between space, duration, and movement is intensely magnified. She's
particularly interested in what sort of conversation her work can have with fixed ways of structuring knowledge to enact change. Galit works with choreography, objects, education, and research.
Her work has been showcased and acknowledged by the WellcomeCollection Museum, Chisenhale Dance Space, M.A.M.A The Museum of Motherhood, Performatica Dance Festival Mexico, and many

Operation in Space

8 minutes film by Tal Kronkop

A relationship between two human figures,
each navigating the topography of a domestic space.



  • June 2021, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival.

Collaboration between Varburg 4 and Abulafia 11
Set and costumes by: Yasmin Steinmetz