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By Sara Siegel

Sara Siegel transports her living room onto the stage, creating a multidisciplinary show that delves into memory humor, and fantasy, together with a troupe of performers and one dog.

Created by Sara Siegel
Assistant Director: Inbal Hacker
Production: Debora Siegel, Inbal Hacker and Naomi Shalev
Technical director: Nevo Revivo
Lighting design: Doron Donin
Sound design: Itai Arad
Costume design: Tal Avraham
Scenery design: Adee Shmulewitz
Assistant scenery design: Eden Dolev
Animation: Gili Lotner
With: Sara Siegel, Naomi Shalev, Nevo Revivo, Eden Yehuda Cohen, Niv Levy, Mica Kupfer, Eynav Rosolio, Tal Avraham, Yuval Steinberg, Maya Pennington, Debora Siegel, Tamar Raanan, Ron Sheskin, Shani Kagan, Sara Gershon, Dana Zahavi, Sivan Eyal, Noga Shalit Glick, Yaheli Nissim Kobliner, Maya Schiff and Gabriela Hazon and Nora.
Artistic direction: Itay Mautner and Michal Vaknin.

An Israel Festival original production co-produced with the School of Visual Theater. Pics by Yair Meyuchas and Amit Mann